About Me.

I am a User Interface (UI) Designer, strategist, programmer and creative problem-solver.

I grew up on the Isle of Skye in the highlands, so a country boy at heart. With a decade of contracting and working as a freelancer, I am incredibly passionate about good design and user experience. I love to sketch, brainstorm, talk to and co-create with users, facilitate conversations, problem solve, manage project details, and work closely with clients.

I spent the first seven years of my professional career as a front-end developer working with Drupal CMS and JavaScript applications. I found my passion for design took over my desire to write code a few years ago and have been transitioning from development to design since then.

Taking my knowledge of development, I offer a unique view on design and what is possible from a technical perspective. My work experience has led me to work on some incredible projects for Crucial, Scottish Rugby, MOD, Pure Gym, Nandos, Sourz, Scottish Widows, Dyno-Rod, Scotrail, Paywizard, and Lush Cosmetic.

In my spare time, you will find me hiking, practicing my photography and spend time at motor racing events.